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Apple Butter

A Traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Fruit Spread – easy to make – this tasty treat has many uses from livening up your morning toast to the delicious Apple Butter Cake recipe. […]

Apple Crumble

This crumble puts the focus on the apples, which we love here at Terhune Orchards. The foundation with plenty of delicious apples and a light mixture of streusel, placed on after the apples bake down, helps keep the apples moist and the topping light. […]

Apple Rhubarb Slump

Slump is the New England name for a fruit dessert topped with a sweet dumpling mixture. On Cape Cod, slumps are called grunts, and in other parts of the country, cobblers. A slump by any name still tastes great! […]

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This recipe is fresh and delicious wrapped in Terhune Orchards Boston lettuce leaves. You can use the ground chicken in the recipe or substitute ground turkey for your own taste preference. We have both available from Griggstown Farm in our farm store. […]

Asparagus and Herb Frittata

Besides the blooming trees in the orchard, the arrival of asparagus is an announcement that spring is truly here. Arriving just in time for Mother’s Day, the slender stalks grow rapidly. Bring home a bunch from the farm store or our farmers market or try your hand at picking your own in our field. This frittata would make a lovely brunch dish for that special Mom or a light and delicious weeknight supper. […]

Asparagus Risotto

Risotto is a Northern Italian dish which, like a hearty bowl of soup, can be served on its own as a meal. This version, packed with springtime herbs and tender bite-sized pieces of asparagus, would also be perfect alongside roast leg of lamb or Easter ham.serves 8 […]

Braised Fennel with Pomegranate

Pomegranate juice pairs with garlic, orange juice, and chicken broth for a delicious braising liquid that brings out the rich flavor of Terhune Orchards fennel. […]

Broccoli Slaw

This is a great way to use the whole broccoli. Enjoy the florets in one recipe and the stalks in this crunchy, creamy, colorful slaw. […]

Caramel Baked Apples

  Ingredients: 1 ⅛ cup sugar ½ cup water 1 pint heavy cream 8 medium baking apples, Terhune Orchards Stayman Winesap Caramel Sauce: Stir together the sugar and water in a deep, heavy-bottomed 2-3 qt pot. Set over high heat and let the sugar cook at a rapid boil for 8-10 minutes, without stirring or shaking. When the syrup starts to caramelize, swirl the pan to spread the color. The moment it reaches a dark caramel shade, remove the pan from the heat. Using potholder gloves or a towel to protect your hands, pour in the cream, stirring constantly with [...]

Cheesy Winter Squash Gratin

You can make this cheesy squash gratin with any winter squash. Mix and match a few different varieties or use your favorite. Whether you use a mix of squash or just one kind, remove the skin and slice the pieces all the same size so they cook evenly. […]

Cherry Clafoutis

Clafoutis is a classic country-French dessert of fresh fruit baked inside a simple batter. In France, sweet summer cherries are the preferred fruit for this dessert. Once you try it at home you’ll understand why. It’s so easy to prepare and the lightly sweet custardy batter of the claufoutis complements the natural winey-sweet flavor of the warm cherries. Wedges of warm clafoutis are often served with a spoonful of lightly sweetened whipped cream but, we like it simply dusted with a bit of powdered sugar just before serving. serves 8 […]

Colcannon (Irish Mashed Potatoes)

Colcannon Potatoes are an Irish mashed potato recipe with mixed with greens and scallions and LOTS of butter and cream. You can’t go wrong with this green-filled dish on St. Patrick’s Day! […]

Corn Gazpacho

This recipe was served at the 5th annual Farm to Table fundraiser dinner at Terhune Orchards on July 21,2016. This recipe was prepared for our guests by the talented chefs at the Terra Momo Restaurant Group. This annual event event supports the Mercer Sustainability Coalition. 3 cups fresh corn kernels 2 medium sized yellow pepper 4 large yellow beefsteak tomatoes 2 shallots, peeled chopped ½ cup sherry vinegar 4 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil kosher salt, to taste Cut the corn kernels off the cob. Deseed the peppers and quarter. Quarter the tomatoes. In a blender, pulse in small batches [...]

Cornbread Dressing (Stuffing) with Fennel & Sausage

Terhune Orchards fennel adds flavor to this seasonal dish. Since stuffing is traditionally put inside a bird to cook, this is more properly called dressing but regardless of terminology, it will wow guests at your thanksgiving table just the same. Cooking the cubes of cornbread helps dry it out and provide a crisp and flavorful side dish. […]

Day Boat Fish Tacos with Cabbage Carrot Slaw

This recipe was served at the 5th annual Farm to Table fundraiser dinner at Terhune Orchards on July 21,2016. This recipe was prepared for our guests by the talented chefs at the Terra Momo Restaurant Group. This annual event event supports the Mercer Sustainability Coalition. […]

Easy Apple Tart

This dessert is as easy to make as it is elegant. Sliced apples fan out over ready-to-use puff pastry dough. Set the dough out to defrost before you leave the house to go apple picking and you’ll be ready to bake when you return with your favorite apples. […]

Fennel & Apple Slaw

Crunchy and refreshing, this slaw made from autumn apples and fennel comes together in a flash. Enjoy it as a side or top a turkey sandwich with it for lunch. […]

Freezing Peaches-Quick & Easy

Freezing peaches from Terhune Orchards is quick and easy. In February you will be glad you took the time this summer because you will have peaches which taste tree-ripened and delicious for those special dinner parties or just to treat yourself. […]

Fresh Strawberry Muffins

Chopped fresh strawberries baked inside this simple, buttery muffin batter make a great spring breakfast or snack time treat. They’re great as is and really wonderful served with a bit of fresh strawberry jam. This is a great master recipe for berry muffins to keep on hand all summer long. As soon as the first raspberries and blueberries are harvested you can use them whole in place of the diced strawberries here. Servings 12 muffins (X 2) […]


A cold soup is a refreshing summer meal. Tomatoes are the main ingredient, but scallions and cucumbers give this soup body and bite.Serves 6 […]

Grape Leaf Pilaf

This time of year we are trimming our grape vines for the second time. Many visitors to the farm have told us of family recipes they love using grape leaves. Here is one to try. […]

Green Pancakes with Lime Butter

  Ingredients: FOR THE BUTTER Leaves from 2 stems cilantro 1 medium clove garlic 2 limes ¼ teaspoon kosher salt ½ teaspoon ground white pepper ¼ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter (see NOTES) FOR THE PANCAKES Water 8 to 10 ounces baby spinach leaves, washed Olive oil, for frying 4 tablespoons ½ stick) unsalted butter 1 bunch scallions 1 or 2 jalapeño peppers 1 cup self-rising flour (see NOTES) 1 ¼ tablespoons baking powder 1 large egg, plus 2 egg whites ½ teaspoon kosher salt 1 teaspoon ground cumin ⅔ cup low-fat milk   [...]

Grilled Broccoli

3 Tbsp. tamari or soy sauce 3 Tbsp. rice wine vinegar 1 Tbsp. sesame oil 1 head of broccoli (2 pounds) cut into 1 inch florets Kosher salt 1 Tbsp. parsley, finely chopped Whisk together tamari or soy sauce with vinegar. While whisking, add the oil. Add the broccoli and toss it to coat the florets. Then add kosher salt to taste. Put grill basket on grill and add broccoli in grill basket and toss until the florets are crisp at edges and tender within, (about 10 minutes). When finished, put broccoli on a platter and top with drizzle olive [...]

Hand Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches

At your holiday BBQ, your guests want something cool, delicious and easy to eat at a picnic. These hand pies filled with fruit and sandwiched around vanilla ice cream are a red, white, and blue treat! […]

Irish Beef Stew

This beef stew is great for St. Patrick’s day if you don’t prefer Corned Beef, but it’s also great for a cozy winter night. […]

Kale Citrus Salad

We harvest fresh kale all year at Terhune Orchards and this recipe makes wonderful use of citrus that is at its prime in the winter months. […]

Lemon Arugula Salad

In the winter, citrus lightens this dish and gives it a fresh flavor. Ingredients: 1 lemon (or substitute other citrus such as grapefruit or orange) 1/2 tsp. sugar 1 pkg. (5 oz.) arugula 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 2 oz. Parmesan cheese, shaved Directions: With paring knife, cut top and bottom off lemon. Cut peel and pith away from lemon; then, into small bowl, cut segments from between membranes. Cut each segment in half. Squeeze 1 tablespoon juice from pulp. Sprinkle sugar over lemon segments; let stand at least 10 minutes. In large bowl, toss arugula with oil, lemon [...]

Lemony Asparagus and Arugula Salad

Cookbook author, David Tanis gave an inspiring talk at the Princeton Library. We love his recipe a spring salad that includes crops we grow here at Terhune Orchards. We’ve modified it a bit to suit our tastes. […]

Maple Grilled Corn and Pepper Relish

Serve this summery mix of vegetables as a side for grilled chicken, ribs or pork chops. The natural sweetness of summer corn is heightened by the light coating of maple syrup caramelized on the grill. For summer picnics and barbeques this pretty side dish can be prepared well in advance of serving time. […]

Melon Sorbet

Choose ripe muskmelons or cantaloupe for this preparation. The flavor and simplicity of this summer dessert is spectacular. Top the servings with a couple of fresh blueberries or blackberries and a wedge of lime. […]

Mulled Wine

This festive mulled wine is perfect for a cocktail party or holiday buffet. Our Chambourcin is a medium body red, dry wine with a clean finish, taste of cherry, plum and blackberry, full of fruity notes with a dry Chianti character. […]

Oven Roasted Asparagus

We love this hassle-free new way to prepare asparagus — neatly tucked away in the oven. You can wash, season and arrange the asparagus in the roasting dish several hours in advance and be ready to pop it into the hot oven 15 minutes before serving time. serves 4 […]

Oven Roasted Winter Vegetables

This couldn’t be simpler or more delicious. It’s great served warm or room temperature and you can roast right alongside a chicken. Feel free to vary the root vegetables to your liking but don’t leave out the rutabaga as it is surprisingly delicious! Adapted from the Hay Day Country Market Cookbook by Kim Rizk Serves 4 to 6 […]

Peach Canning 101

This is Pam Mount’s tried and true method for canning summer peaches: Select firm, ripe peaches. Freestones are the easiest to work with – the flesh of the peaches comes easily “free” from the stones or pits. Buy more than you think you will need since not all the peaches in a basket will be ready at the same time. […]

Peach Cobbler

This is a light version of the classic summer cobbler. You can mix blackberries and raspberries in with the peaches for a variation on this dish. Serves 8 […]

Peach Curd, Whipped Cream, Macerated Blueberries

This dessert was prepared by Terra Momo Restaurant Group and served at the 2018 Farm to Table fundraiser dinner held at Terhune Orchards. This annual event supports Mercer County Sustainability Coalition is an alliance of the Green Teams and sustainability organizations of Mercer County which works to promote a regional and collaborative approach to sustainability initiatives. […]

Peach Glazed Barbequed Chicken

Ingredients: 4 tablespoons butter ¼ teaspoon each of dried basil leaves, ground nutmeg and mace 1 teaspoon of kosher salt 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 cup peach puree, about 3 medium Terhune Orchards peaches 2 tablespoons frozen orange juice concentrate 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 frying chickens split in half or quartered Prepare the fresh peach puree by halving and removing the pits of 3 medium-sized, ready-to-eat peaches. Place in blender (or food processor) and blend (or process) until pureed. In a saucepan, melt butter and add the spices, salt, and sugar. Heat only until well blended. Mix the peach [...]

Peach Jam

This jam is made with the traditional cooked method has a firmer set and cooked fruit taste. 3 pounds of peaches yields 8 cups of jam. 4 pint jars or 8 half-pint jars. […]

Pickled Jalapeño

This recipe was served at the 5th annual Farm to Table fundraiser dinner at Terhune Orchards on July 21,2016. This recipe was prepared for our guests by the talented chefs at the Terra Momo Restaurant Group. This annual event event supports the Mercer Sustainability Coalition. 1 jalapeno pepper 2 Tbsp water 2 Tbsp white balsamic vinegar 2 Tbsp granulated sugar. Cut the jalepeno into rounds and put in a small bowl. Heat the water vinegar and sugar to dissolve sugar. Pour over the jalapeños. Allow to cool completely.

Preserving Tips! Produce Stays "Fresh-Picked" for Months

Everyone enjoys the “farm-fresh flavor” of Terhune Orchards produce. Lucky for us consumers, the process of food preservation is not all that complicated. Peaches, corn, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, which are indescribably juicy and luscious, are also easy to freeze. Pick all you want and then just follow these simple directions. During winter, you’ll have welcome reminders of delightful summer days spent picking-your-own at Terhune Orchards! […]


A great late summer dish, taking advantage of many of the season’s vegetables when at their peak. Serve hot or cold. Serves 6-8 […]

Roasted Fennel with Parmesan

Ingredients: 4 tablespoons olive oil 4 fennel bulbs, cut horizontally into ⅓-inch thick slices, fronds reserved Salt and freshly ground black pepper ⅓ cup freshly shredded Parmesan Directions: Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Lightly oil the bottom of a 13 by 9 by 2-inch glass baking dish. Arrange the fennel in the dish. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, then with the Parmesan. Drizzle with the oil. Bake until the fennel is fork-tender and the top is golden brown, about 45 minutes. Chop enough fennel fronds to equal 2 teaspoons, then sprinkle over the roasted fennel and serve.

Rustic Open-Faced Apple Pie

This is a great way to enjoy the full flavor of autumn apples. It’s a snap to make – a bit like baked, caramelized apples simply cradled in a bottom crust. […]

Scallops with Spinach and Tomato Sauce

Ingredients: 2 Tbsp olive oil kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste 1 lb scallops 3 Jersey Fresh tomatoes, large, coarsely chopped 10 oz Jersey Fresh spinach, stems removed, thoroughly washed 1 garlic clove, minced 2 cups cooked rice 1 Tbsp fresh basil, chopped Directions: 1. Gently heat the oil and garlic in a large skillet over medium-high heat for 1 minute. Season the scallops with salt and pepper. Add to the pan and sear to golden brown on one side. Turn to cook the other side about 1 minute. Remove from the pan to a platter. 2. Add [...]

Smoky Corn Chowder

Fresh cut kernels of summer corn are a real treat but a nuisance when they ricochet all over the kitchen! Use an angel food cake pan to hold the cobs and collect the kernels while slicing. Simply insert the tapered end of the cob into the center tube portion of an upright cake pan. From top to bottom, slice off the kernels with a sharp kitchen blade allowing them to drop right into the well of the cake pan.Serves 6 […]

Spinach Pesto

The flavor of fresh spinach adds a mellow earthly flavor to Pesto – a classic fresh Italian sauce traditionally prepared with basil. […]

Spinach Salad with Bacon and Eggs

For an entrée salad the whole family will devour, try spinach salad with bacon and eggs. Top crisp, fresh spinach with sliced bacon and eggs for a complete and satisfying balanced meal. […]

Spring Onion Crème

This recipe was served at the 5th annual Farm to Table fundraiser dinner at Terhune Orchards on July 21,2016. This recipe was prepared for our guests by the talented chefs at the Terra Momo Restaurant Group. This annual event event supports the Mercer Sustainability Coalition. 1 bunch spring onion tops or Terhune scallions, charred on the grill 1 bunch garlic scapes or 3 garlic cloves wrapped in a tin foil packet, charred on the grill, divided 2 cups sour cream extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper In a food processor, blend the charred onions and scapes or 2 cloves [...]

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

This tart tangy flavor of early rhubarb is the perfect complement to sweet spring berries. Combine these favorite spring fruits for a nearly effortless last minute dessert. serves 6 to 8 […]

Summer Jersey Caprese Salad

This recipe was served at the 5th annual Farm to Table fundraiser dinner at Terhune Orchards on July 21,2016. This recipe was prepared for our guests by the talented chefs at the Terra Momo Restaurant Group. This annual event event supports the Mercer Sustainability Coalition. 4- 2ounce balls of Fresh Buffala Mozzarella 2 Easter egg radishes, thinly sliced 2 large Jersey tomatoes, sliced 8 grape tomatoes, halved 8 cherry tomatoes, halved 3oz garlic scapes, blanched and sliced 4oz English cucumbers, sliced 4oz lemon cucumbers wedges 8 leaves of fresh basil Balsamic vinaigrette ¼ cup white balsamic vinegar ½ cup extra [...]

Sweet Corn “Mexican style”

This recipe was served at the 5th annual Farm to Table fundraiser dinner at Terhune Orchards on July 21,2016. This recipe was prepared for our guests by the talented chefs at the Terra Momo Restaurant Group. This annual event event supports the Mercer Sustainability Coalition. 4 ears or corn, boiled or grilled 1 cup mayonnaise 1 clove garlic, grilled 1/4 cup cotija cheese or parmesan cheese 1/4 cup cilantro leaves red chili powder to taste 4 wedges of lime Smear mayonnaise on cooked corn, sprinkle with cilantro, cotija cheese, and chili powder on top to taste. Serve with a lime [...]

Sweet Potato and Apple Gratin

The combination of sweet potato and apple is a natural for the Holiday table. The apple adds natural sweetness and lightens the traditionally rich version of candied sweet potatoes. Serves 6 […]

The Perfect Peach Pie

This is a wonderful summer treat! Prepare a fresh pie now while peach season is here and plan ahead for winter by preparing a batch of the fruit filling in a unlined pie pan and freezing it. Once frozen, the filling slides right out to be put into an airtight freezer bag. When company arrives next winter, pop the frozen filling inside a pie crust and bake. […]

Tomato, Mozzarella & Grilled Fennel Salad

The combination of ripe tomatoes and fresh mozzarella is a summer classic; grilled fennel makes it new and exciting. Serve this as a first course, followed by an entrée of grilled fish. For easy entertaining, grill the fennel ahead of time and assemble the salad just before serving. Serves 4 1 large or 2 small fennel bulbs, scrubbed, feathery ends trimmed 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil 2 Tbsp sherry vinegar coarse (kosher) salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 ripe tomatoes, cored, seeded and coarsely chopped 8 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced into thin rounds 1. Preheat the grill [...]

Watermelon Salsa

Our melon bins are piled high with seeded and seedless watermelons that have red or yellow flesh. You can also make this salsa with our cantaloupe, honeydew or canary melons. […]

Zucchini Cake with Blueberries & Candied Lemon

This recipe was served at the 5th annual Farm to Table fundraiser dinner at Terhune Orchards on July 21,2016. This recipe was prepared for our guests by the talented chefs at the Terra Momo Restaurant Group. This annual event event supports the Mercer Sustainability Coalition. […]

Zucchini, Corn & Fresh Basil Salad

A refreshing medley of summer flavors, this salad is great for summer picnics and barbecues. Terhune Orchards’ fresh zucchini and summer corn (now available in the farm store!) sliced right off the cob require very little cooking to tenderize and bring out their best qualities. Just steam gently and dress in this simple vinaigrette. […]

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