Terhune Orchards has a variety of fresh fruit, produce and flowers available for pick your own. Listed below you will find the crops and approximate dates that you can pick fresh from our orchards. Please remember to call ahead at 609-924-2310 since weather conditions may change availability. Sign up for E-News for updates on picking availability.

Crop Availability
Asparagus Mid May – Early June (Finished for 2021)
Strawberries Late May – Early June (Finished for 2021)
Cherries Sweet: Mid June (Finished for 2021)
Tart: Late June (Finished for 2021)
Blueberries Late June to late July (Finished for 2021)
Blackberries July – Aug (Finished for 2021)
Flowers Late June – Oct (Picking Now!)
Gourds (at Cold Soil Rd) Sept – Oct
Pumpkins (at Cold Soil Rd) Sept – Oct (Picking Now!)
Honeycrisp Sept (Finished for 2021)
Early Fuji Sept-Early Oct 
Gala Sept 
Jonathan Sept-Early Oct 
Empire Sept – Early Oct 
Crimson Crisp Sept 
Golden Delicious Oct
Red Delicious Oct
Stayman Winesap Oct
Cameo Oct
Granny Smith Oct
Pink Lady Oct
Fuji Oct
Macoun Oct

NOTICE: Pets are not permitted at the farm or Pick Your Own apple orchard. Your cooperation is appreciated!