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Apple Butter

A Traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Fruit Spread – easy to make – this tasty treat has many uses from livening up your morning toast to the delicious Apple Butter Cake recipe. […]

Apple Butter Stuffed French Toast

We love apple butter on its own or used as an ingredient. This is a great brunch recipe. We have prepared apple butter for the filling in the farm store or you can make our family recipe for Apple Butter from scratch. It is wonderfully spicy and full of concentrated apple goodness. […]

Apple Chips

Crunchy and full of sweet, apple flavor, these chips are addictive. Tuck them into your bag for snacking where ever you go. We dry them the old fashioned way in the oven but you can also use a dehydrator if you have one. […]

Apple Crumble

This crumble puts the focus on the apples, which we love here at Terhune Orchards. The foundation with plenty of delicious apples and a light mixture of streusel, placed on after the apples bake down, helps keep the apples moist and the topping light. […]

Apple Rhubarb Slump

Slump is the New England name for a fruit dessert topped with a sweet dumpling mixture. On Cape Cod, slumps are called grunts, and in other parts of the country, cobblers. A slump by any name still tastes great! […]

Apple Rose Tarts

Bake up a bouquet of these sweet roses for Valentine’s Day with our red skinned apples such as our Crimson Topaz, Querina, Empire or Cameo. A jam glaze gives them an extra rosy hue and shine. Makes 1 Dozen Roses […]

Apple-Fennel Coleslaw

This light and crisp slaw is a great use of our farm fresh cabbage and fennel. The perfect complement to any grilled meats, but especially pork. Makes 10-12 servings. […]

Applesauce Yogurt Fool

Chunky applesauce is a must for this classic English dessert. We like it for breakfast, too! Either make your own Homemade Applesauce from our recipe or look for ours in the refrigerated section of the farm store. […]

Crisp Winter Apple Salad

Our tender head lettuces, spinach and kale can all be used to make this colorful salad with a bit of crunch and tang from apples, dried fruits and nuts. […]

Easy Apple Tart

This dessert is as easy to make as it is elegant. Sliced apples fan out over ready-to-use puff pastry dough. Set the dough out to defrost before you leave the house to go apple picking and you’ll be ready to bake when you return with your favorite apples. […]

Fennel & Apple Slaw

Crunchy and refreshing, this slaw made from autumn apples and fennel comes together in a flash. Enjoy it as a side or top a turkey sandwich with it for lunch. […]

Mulled Wine

This festive mulled wine is perfect for a cocktail party or holiday buffet. Our Chambourcin is a medium body red, dry wine with a clean finish, taste of cherry, plum and blackberry, full of fruity notes with a dry Chianti character. […]

Rustic Open-Faced Apple Pie

This is a great way to enjoy the full flavor of autumn apples. It’s a snap to make – a bit like baked, caramelized apples simply cradled in a bottom crust. […]

Sweet Potato and Apple Gratin

The combination of sweet potato and apple is a natural for the Holiday table. The apple adds natural sweetness and lightens the traditionally rich version of candied sweet potatoes. Serves 6 […]

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