Stayman-Winesap Apples

Most popular apple at Terhune Orchards, tart, full rich flavor, excellent keeper. Chance seedling 1866.
First Pick:Late Sept
Available in Store:Oct-June

apples by Heather Diskin 1st place 08What started in Kansas in 1866 from a chance seedling has developed into one of Terhune Orchard’s most popular apples. The Stayman-Winesap is a cross between a Stayman apple and a Winesap apple. The combination of the two strains produces an apple of exceptional eating quality.

The Stayman-Winesap’s firm yellow flesh; crisp, coarse texture; and its tart, rich wine-like taste makes it memorable. Some say it smells like cinnamon. Stayman-Winesap’s thick skin maintains sufficient moisture within the flesh to keep the apple crispy to the bite and flavorful to the taste.

The late maturing Stayman-Winesaps keep well and can last until spring if properly stored or placed in a fruit cellar. This multi-purpose apple is excellent when eaten fresh, or used in pies, desserts, applesauce, and cider.

The Stayman-Winesaps ripen at Terhune Orchards in October and are available in the Farm Store all year long!