Fuji Apples

Very sweet, hard, and crisp. Pinkish red skin. Long storage life.
Mid Oct

One of the stars in Terhune Orchards’ lineup of great tasting apples is the variety Fuji. This apple originated in Japan and first gained notice in the United States about five years ago. A very sweet apple, Fuji is also hard and crisp. It keeps exceptionally well in cold storage without any special treatment for 5 to 6 months.

Fuji has interesting growing habits. It requires a long growing season and, consequently, will not thrive in many US apple producing areas. A light red in color, Fuji becomes virtually colorless if fertilized too heavily.

In Japan, Fuji, often grown as a gourmet apple, receives very special handling. Each apple is covered with a paper bag early in the growing season. The bag protects the apple from weather induced roughening of the skin and also from insect attack. Shortly before harvest, the bag is removed along with any leaves that might shade the fruit. The apple, previously untouched by the sun, turns a wonderful pinkish red. It is then cut (not picked!) from the tree by workers wearing cotton gloves. This delicacy is packed individually in a box and sold for $5 to $10 each! Such fruits are often given as gifts when visiting friends.

Terhune Orchards’ Fuji apples, although equally appealing, crisp, and delicious, will not be priced like their Japanese cousins!

Come to Terhune Orchards and try this latest wonder of the apple-growing world. Fuji apples are available as Pick-Your-Own.Let us know what you think!