Pink Lady® Apples

Pink Lady®/Cripps Pink CV. is a golden-pink apple with crisp, tart flavor. Developed in Australia.
Available: Late Oct

apple tree 4A native of Australia, Pink Lady®, as its name implies, has an attractive pink-blush skin overlying a lime-yellow background. Oblate in shape, this medium to large fruit’s sweet-tart flavor is reminiscent of Granny Smith apples. In addition to its thin skin, firm flesh, high sugar-to-acid ratio, and dense crispness, you will also appreciate Pink Lady®’s lengthy shelf life.

Gary first tasted this apple years ago at a meeting of the Northwest Fruit Testing Association. It was “love” at first bite and has since become one of Gary’s favorites. The fruit has only been commercially available in the U.S. since 1993 and at Terhune Orchards since 1997.

Pink Lady®’s long maturation cycle gives the fruit time to develop its outstanding flavor and also extends our apple growing season well into November. Tree-ripe by mid-October, Pink Lady® has the distinction of being the latest apple picked at Terhune Orchards. Pink Lady® is a premium all-purpose apple, excellent for cooking, baking, and especially for eating out of hand. If you haven’t as yet tasted this unique marvel, come to the Farm Store. According to Gary, it’s definitely worth the trip!