The Farm Trail Discovery Walk at Terhune Orchards gives adults and children the opportunity to experience the miracle of Mother Nature — up close and personal.

Walks along the Terhune Orchards Farm Trail begin at the hay barn next to the pasture and meander for about one mile passing the cherry orchard and the large pond. Skirt meadow, and then walk through the evergreen and deciduous forest to inspect the progress of forest growth.

Different wildflowers bloom every few weeks and watch insects and other wildlife develop from eggs or babies to mature adults. Wildlife is plentiful on the Farm Trail – painted, snapping, and box turtles; blue herons, frogs and other amphibious life; pond fish; water fowl; and many other species. Native American trees abound – beech, shag bark hickories, sweet gum, red maple, pin oak, white pine, and lots more.

Walk the trail throughout the year to enjoy all the seasons in full bloom. It’s available for use anytime the Farm Store is open.