Terhune Blackberries by robert sternIf you love berries, Terhune Orchards is the place to go!

At Terhune Orchards we grow thornless blackberries, Chester and Triple Crown – NO THORNS! makes these berries easier to pick. About three times the size of black raspberries, these high-quality blackberries ripen in early to mid-August. They have an excellent flavor and remains firm and shiny black even in hot weather.

These lush bushes are covered in netting to keep the birds away and are easy height for all pickers.

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Blackberry plants belong to a group of plants commonly called brambles. Although the crowns and roots of brambles are perennial, the fruiting portions of the plants (called canes) are biennial. They bear fruit in their second year and then die. We prune the blackberries each year for new growth.

Blackberries are exceptionally hardy and flourish in many parts of the world, including the northern United States (lucky for us!). Their commercial availability is limited mainly because their fragile features require that they be harvested by hand.

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